Last night, we published our first listings on Etsy. It's only been twelve hours but we've seen some people taking notice of our wares and it is exhilarating. We're still getting our legs under us, in terms of publicity, but it won't be long before the Foundry is working at full production. I'm so excited to see this all come together, it's been a dream of mine that I didn't dare to attempt until now. Thank you to everyone who stops by our little Etsy store and this site, we are so grateful to have anyone take notice.

These first few designs are only the beginning, I've got notes jotted down for another dozen posters at least: some classic memes, a few concepts that made us laugh, a few concepts that made us think, and some that need a lot of smithing to get the shape just right.

Before those designs go up, we're hoping to send this first batch out the door to good, awesome homes. Will you adopt one?