The Business Cards That Made Our Day

Manifest Foundry Business Cards These business cards are seriously thrilling us right now. There's something about a business card that makes it feel like what we're doing here is real. Concrete. No doubt about it, Manifest Foundry is in business!

The design process for these cards was a blast, we got to work with Stephen Hession from Northwind Graphics. I don't think many people can claim to have laughed as hard as the three of us did as we worked on this. Stephen's a good friend of ours and if you have any interest in art, you MUST go look at his portfolio. It makes me weak in the knees.

There is a reason we've gotten these cards printed. Manifest Foundry is going to TED! Well, TEDxMonterey, which is a satellite event of sorts for the real thing. It isn't exactly TED, but it's going to be filled with local people who share a love for technology, entertainment and design. That event's on April 13th, on Friday. Can you believe the luck? We're stoked.

Here, take a business card.