The Event

The BAsics

  • Join us at the Lake Theater & Cafe, in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 
  • The doors open at 10:00, ceremony starts at 10:30 on Sunday, April 3rd. 
  • The reception will be held at the theater.
  • We'll be serving a lunch buffet.
  • There will be cake!
  • You get 2 drinks on us, and there's a cash bar when those run out.
  • The venue has a deck that overlooks the lake, but the event will be mostly indoors.
  • April in Portland can be beautifulbut it can also be chilly (~65 degrees) and very likely rainy. 
  • There will be room to dance, so be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

What to Wear

No matter what you choose, you're going to look amazing. We know that, because we know you, and you always look amazing. Especially in that one shirt. You know the one, with the... yeah, that one.

The event is semi-formal, but anything you want to wear will be ok. The bride requests you refrain from wearing a wedding dress, but if that's really all you have to wear, she prefers that to you going naked (a la Betazoid wedding style).

Dressing for special events can be challenging, even more so if you're flying across the country and you're not sure what the local customs are. In that case, here are some sample outfits that should give you an idea of the formality of our event.