Q: Who ARE You?


A: I'm Lydia Marcell, a graphic designer, writer, and fused glass artist in Portland, Oregon. I'm always looking for interesting projects.

Q: Where's your portfolio? 

A: In a sense, this website is a portfolio, but I think what you're after is right here.

Q: What do you do, exactly?

A: Whatever inspires me. Art, writing, playing with lasers. Logo designs happen sometimes, too.

Q: I want a print of one of your posters! Can you send me one?

A: Yes, I'd be happy to—assuming that it isn't one of the branding pieces. Those aren't for sale, they're just examples of what I could do. For you. Regardless, write to me and I'll see what I can print up. Generally, my existing work is going to be on 11x17 prints and run about $15 per poster. Commissions are a whole other animal.

Q: I've got this idea, and I think you are the one to make it happen, do you take commissions?

A: If you'd like to commission a design or bring me onto a project, send me a message and we'll see what we can work out.